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TX3100 UHF Radio

A GME TX3100 80-channel 5 watt UHF Radio now resides in the bin where once the diff. lock switches and lamps were (see here). Purchased off eBay, it came with a quality spring-mounted 6.6 dBi antenna.



IMG_6246.IMG IMG_6247.JPG

A lug on the bull bar accepts the bolt for the antenna. The coax cable, sheathed in 7 mm dia. split conduit, passes into the cabin through the large rubber cable entry gland above the starter battery and then over to the vacant upper bin in the dashboard.


A new power connection, ignition-switched, is also fed to the vacant upper bin. There the diminutive TX3100 is fitted to a bracket and rear connections and microphone are plugged in.

The manual for radio operation is available from GME and here for reference.