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Trailer Plug Wiring

Wiring in rear view and reversing cameras, I discovered that TravelTrucks powers the primary reversing camera all the time the ignition is on. This is not good, because the camera overrides the rear view camera all the time on the screen I am using. I want this to happen only when 'reverse' is selected. I could not find where the power to the reversing camera comes from. So my solution is to ignore the provided power feed and power the camera from the trailer wiring.


Trailer socket (cable entry view) wiring convention and wire colours meeting ISO 11446.

The truck comes with a trailer electrics setup using a 13 pin socket under the left chassis rail at the back. It is wired according to ISO 11446 except that the colour coding is wrong.

TravelTrucks has wired in a cable for a 7 pin socket by tapping into the wiring to the 13 pin socket.

The cable wiring that could be connected to a 7 pin socket follows the Australian standard for large pin connectors. Note that wire 5, "Service Brakes", is not connected to the harness for the 13 pin socket. The diagram is from Narva.


Trailer 7-pin socket and plug wiring and colours to Australian standard.

Wire Colours in Harness

The wiring loom from the CANBUS towbar module to the 13 pin trailer socket has been patched for wiring in a 7 pin plug. The same wiring is duplicated and runs to the front of the truck. Numbers for the 13 pin socket, actual colours of connected wires, and colours of patch wires are:

  •  1 light blue -> yellow. Left indicator.
  •  4 blue -> green. Right indicator.
  •  6 light blue -> red. Stop lights.
  •  7 yellow -> brown. Tail lights.
  •  8 white -> black. Reverse lights.
  • 13 brown -> white. Ground.

The Camera

The camera draws so little current that it is successfully run directly off the 'reverse' wire, using 'ground' wire for 0 V.