Welcome to Manins' truck camper project

Building TT30 Expedition Camper

The specification was for a standard Expedition Camper with the omission of a cooktop (we were considering a gas setup) and the addition of a cutout to connect the Cabin with the Camper, a third solar panel, a fan over the bed, an alloy T1 bull-bar and a 5454 kg Back2Front winch.

The build went through Christmas/New Year of 2014–5, a very difficult time to complete such a large project no matter the will of TravelTrucks — suppliers went on holidays regardless!

19 November 2014. TT30 arrives at TravelTrucks.

93 km on the odometer.

The plan for the Camper.

Down to work.

Cutout done. For access to the Camper.

From inside the Cab, which has been stripped for installations.

Camper shell being fibreglassed on a jig.

The Camper floor being set in place.

The Camper shell finished fibreglassing.

Small fibreglassed components out of their moulds.

The roof curing.

22 December 2014. The Camper shell arrives back at TravelTrucks for fitout.

Diff and water tank breathers set up high.

The filler for the auxiliary diesel tank is in place.

Inside the Camper, the diesel filler is plumbed in.

Under-bed storage area ("the boot") is being prepared for cassette toilet.

Wiring and plumbing being installed on the right side of the Camper.

The roof being prepared. 3 x 200 W solar panels will go on.

A metal clip and seal runs around the roof to take the pop-top skirt.

The winch wiring is done in 70 mm² cable run through the chassis rails.

Bull bar on. Anderson plug for the winch. Diff breathers on firewall.

Lots of extra wiring for optional accessories was installed in TT30.

The hydraulic pump for the diff lockers is relocated out of the way, behind the battery tray.

Auxiliary 165 Litre diesel fuel tank installed. The 40 Litre waste water tank is to the left. Kinematic frame for the Camper is in place, as is the 185 Litre fresh water tank between the rails.

Installations on the top of aux fuel tank.

The Camper battery tray and two Fullriver HGL120-12B batteries.

The 185 Litre fresh water tank between the rails.

A view of TT30 chassis ready for the Camper body.

Well, almost ready.

The grey water tank waiting for its plumbing.

The roof is on the Camper body.

Roof on the Camper body; electrical cables waiting for the Cabin.

Inside the Camper body with its roof on.

Solar panels on the roof on the Camper body.

9 January 2015. The Camper body is mounted on the chassis of TT30.

Lots of detail is completed. The external shower and water transfer valves.

The vinyl pop-top skirt is in place. The electric rams to raise the roof.

The gull-wing door with its struts and lights.

Lots more to do in the cabin.

Basin for the washroom being assessed.

The right hand seat holds the diesel hot water heater, air exchange, and water filter.

The heater is a Webasto ThermoTop.

The right hand seat framed. Bellows joining the Cabin to the Camper in place.

Kitchen bench and cabinetry almost complete. Filtered water tap on bench.

Behind the touch screen that manages electrics.

Touch screen by Class 1 for TravelTrucks.

View of the kitchen sink (left), bed, and washroom (right).

Towards the front. Temporary butane stove, adjustable table, seats.

Looking in to the completed washroom from above.

Completed kitchen with temporary stove.

A comfortable setup!

11 February 2015. Handover of the completed TT30 Expedition Camper

On Tiwah Beach.