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Temperatures Watchdog


With all the talk on Facebook about overheating transfer cases on the Daily 55S17W, I decided to install a twin sensor TM4 "Engine Watchdog". (I do suspect, however that most cases of overheating are occurring because of excessive speed and/or towing heavy loads.)


Transfer case temperature sensor is located below the case oil level.


Gearbox temperature sensor is set under a low bolt on the box.

One sensor goes to the case of the gearbox (label GBOX in the monitor), the other goes to the side of the transfer case, below the oil level (label T/CC in the monitor). I bought the default 4 m sensor leads; fitment would have been easier with 5 m leads.

The wiring diagram is:


and the operating instructions are here for reference.

Because the need to observe the temperature display is infrequent, I have located the display in the footwell of the driver's area. There may be better places, but I have not found them.


Watchdog display after 2 hours running in extremely hot weather.


Watchdog display after 3 hours running in cool weather.


The Watchdog display in the driver's footwell.