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Seat Swivels


Cabin seats swivelled to make a sitting room in the front.


Swivels under the cabin driver's and passenger's seats were a great feature of our previous Avan Applause. By turning the seats inward, and to the rear, they effectively doubled the usable space in the motorhome. Because the connection between cabin and camper in TT30 is not full height and the seats are very close to the cutout, swivels will not be quite as effective, but still highly desirable.

I bought two seat swivels, Driver Swivel SB4244 and Passenger Swivel SB4234, from Melbourne Trucks, an Iveco agent. They are ADR3 compliant, and have been registered against TT30's VIN number by the seller. The particular swivels are very solid, are 26.5 mm thick, and having an open centre to allow electrical cables to turn with the seat. They are manufactured by Transport Seating Technology in Queensland.


Driver's seat frame. The door manager components are practically flush with the top of the slides.

The swivels are designed to bolt under the seat slides so that the seats, when swivelled towards the centre of the truck, would be able to slide into and away from the centre. However, I had asked TravelTrucks to lower both the passenger seat and driver's seat by 50 mm and this meant that the driver's seat swivel has to be located on top of the seat slide. The controller for the Daily differential locks under the seat is too high to do otherwise.

Because the turntable for the driver's side has the pivot much further back than for the passenger side, the result is that the turntable plate now attached to the seat extended too far forward, obstructing leg movement. And the mounting holes for the M8 high tensile countersunk bolts were now in the wrong positions. These issues were fixed by sawing off about 85 mm of the plate and drilling new mounting holes. These changes do not compromise the integrity of the seat swivel in any way. The seat slide engagement lever also had to be shortened.


Modified Driver's Swivel


Driver's Swivel in Position

The swivel for the passenger's seat was also mounted on top of the slides after drilling new holes.