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Grey Water Management

TT30 can hold up to 50 litres of grey water – water from the sink and washroom.


Grey water hose laid out from truck.

I have added a 5.5 m length of 22 mm dia. grey water hose from Bunnings. A 25 mm polypropylene Type F Camlock fitting forced in at one end of the hose mates with a 25 mm Type D Camlock on the holding tank, obtained over the counter from Blackwoods. The connection is now in easy reach from the side of the truck and uses a metal ball valve instead of the plastic OEM which was hard to turn.

pp-f200.jpg pp-d200.jpg ball_valve.jpg

Camlock on the end of the waste water hose.


Camlock and Ball Valve on the waste water tank.

Storage of a waste water hose is always an issue. Here this is done by threading it through a length of 50 mm draincoil pipe which is, in turn threaded around the vehicle through two of the 64 mm chassis tubes. The hose runs from behind the side entrance steps round to the front of the fresh water tank.

IMG_5413.JPG IMG_5414.JPG IMG_5415.JPG IMG_5417.JPG