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Fuel Pre-Filter


Iveco Pre-filter on 55S17W. Tank on left.
Pic from www.goingbush.com.

Given the occasional reports of bad fuel in country regions and the damage it can do to common-rail diesel engines it is essential to have a filter with water trap that can be routinely visually inspected. The main diesel fuel filter on the 55S17W has a water trap and dash alarm. While that's good, it is not possible to inspect the water trap since it is enclosed in the black plastic filter holder and this is invisible behind the passenger-side inner mud guard. It may also be too late when the alarm goes off.

There is also a gauze pre-filter but that seems rather useless. What is required is a quality pre-filter with water trap that can be routinely inspected.

The filter/water trap is required to pass approx. 150 L/h and as a pre-filter (before the pump) has a cartridge capable of 30 µm filtration. The fittings need to accept 5/16" (7 mm) dia. hose.

A Stanadyne Fuel Manager F100 series Universal Water Separator/Filter model 42093 kit with 30 µm filter and 8 mm dia. connectors was purchased from eBay seller austwidecarparts. The connectors have the necessary 1/4-18 NPT threads to fit the universal housing, the filter is suitable for flow rates up to 280 L/h, and it has a water separation efficiency of 95%.


While well protected, the pre-filter bowl is easily checked for water.

I have chosen to mount the Filter on the front of the TT battery box using the supplied M10 bolts, washers and Nylock nuts. Because the LiFe battery does not completely fill the box, there is room to install the nuts without interference. The alternative, used by TravelTrucks, is to mount the Filter on the inner skin cab wall behind the passenger seat. Access is more difficult and using rivnuts (nutserts) does not give as rigid a result in the long term.

Removing the Iveco pre-filter allowed me to reroute the supply hose from the fuel tank back towards the new filter. I needed a further 580 mm of 5/16" (7 mm dia.) fuel hose and a 1/4" brass hose joiner (P7-04) from a local branch of ENZED for the inlet to the filter. A 1400 mm length of fuel hose then goes from the filter outlet to the input line to the fuel pump using a second 1/4" brass hose joiner and worm-drive hose clamps.

Note that I blocked up the ends of the fuel hoses during installation to avoid getting sand (which is everywhere under TT30 despite pressure washing) into them.

On top of the fuel tank. Supply line goes to the left, return line goes to the right.

Fuel hose from the new pre-filter joins the OEM hose to the fuel pump.

Looking up at the new pre-filter with water trap bowl on the bottom.