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Side View Camera


The default view on the Cameras page of the Touch Screen in the Camper is 'Side View'. The idea is give a view towards the Camper steps from the front. The basic wiring was already present; it was 'simply' a matter of adding a camera and connecting it to the TravelTrucks cables behind the glovebox.

IMG_5823.JPG IMG_5825.JPG

To fit the excellent little camera I had to take off the rear view mirror and door trim, join in a piece of three-core shielded flex and thread it through the same bellows seal that carries other door cables. Not easy. I added a grommet to a convenient hole in the door jamb and brought the flex out behind the speaker access hatch. Splicing the coax and power connectors back into the flex and fitting connectors to the existing wiring was all that remained to be done.

In fact, the flex was five cores. The unused two cores were later used in wiring up the side door locking actuator. See here for the details.