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Underbody Storage Boxes


MW Toolbox Center supplied a made-to-measure aluminium underbody box to fit behind the passenger-side rear wheel. It holds various oils, greases and spare filters for the truck.


The constraints were explored with a cardboard mockup of the box. It could not be too deep otherwise it would interfere with the spade handle in the rear chassis tube, it could not project too far forward because access to the toilet SOG filter is required, and the door had to open downwards because of the various interferences from mudguard, number plate holder and module frame.

The box is full of brake fluid, engine oil, filters and a few hard-to-find tools such as a differential pinion insertion tool (Iveco #99374459) and coarse-thread M14 bolts for removing the rear brake drums.


The MW Toolbox Center sketch of the box. A reinforcing channel is in the ceiling of the box.


The finished box and reinforcing plate as supplied. The door has double seals to exclude dust.


Two galvanised M10 x 90 mm coach- head bolts pass through the reinforcing plate on the floor in the boot and hold the box in position.


The box is so successful that I decided to install one behind the driver's side rear wheel. This required moving the external water tap and filler, relocating the shovel and the hand wash to a chassis tube immediately behind the auxiliary fuel tank.


Moving these items motivated me to make a stronger hand wash bottle holder since vibration played havoc with the first one.

The box is the same size and mirrored shape as the first, except it is 340 mm deep rather than 300 mm since the spade is no longer there. It is bolted through the floor in the same way.

It is now full of recovery gear.