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Accessing Power & Signals from the Daily

The Body Builders Connectors

All access to signals and power in the Daily should be done through the Body Builders Connectors. I have not done so for the head light upgrade since that is essentially entirely under the bonnet, but for all changes in the cabin this is being followed.


Body Builders 20-pin Connector.

The Body Builders' sockets are behind and to the right of the glove box.
The 20-way connector gives access to (amongst other things):

  • Pin 5: Parking Brake On (Earth=brake engaged; Open circuit=brake released). Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode)
  • Pin 6: Battery Positive. Output max 15 A, Fuse F34.
  • Pin 7: Exterior Light Active. Output max 500 mA. +12 V=side lights on; open circuit=lights off.
  • Pin 8: Alternator Operation. +12 V=battery charging; Open circuit=battery not charging. Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode).

Body Builders 20-pin socket.

  • Pin10: Reverse Engagement. +12 V=reverse engaged; Open circuit=reverse not engaged. Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode).
  • Pin11: Ignition-Operated Positive. Output max 5 A, Fuse F49.
  • Pin17: Earth. Output max 15 A.

As received from TravelTrucks, Pin 7 ("EL"), Pin10 ("REV") and Pin11 ("IGN") were in use.

The 12-way connector in the same location gives (amongst other things):

  • Pin 5: Key ON-repeat. An Input (max 500 mA). A positive signal supplied to simulate initial key rotation (key ON position). Only the loads are powered. +12 V=key active; Open circuit=key inactive.

Body Builders 12-pin socket.

  • Pin 7: Horn. Output max 150 mA. To drive additional horns via a relay. Earth=horn active; open circuit=horn not active.

As received, Pin 12 had green cable "HN" connected but this was a mistake. The cable should have gone to Pin 7.

New Connections

Pin 8, Alternator Operation Signal, is important for managing the alternator charging of the camper battery. This is described on the page alt_control.html.


Fused patch panel behind the glove box for additions to the Daily.

The important power pins, Pin 17 (Earth), Pin 6 (Battery Positive) and Pin 11 (Ignition-Operated Positive) have been brought out to a fused patch panel to supply additional items. Unfortunately there is no room for a well-positioned patch panel that does not also require a major strip down of the dash area for access, so I have had to resort to a floating panel made from a NARVA 8-way blade fuse box. This sits behind the glove box.

Battery Positive is available on three blades on the fuse box, and Ignition-Operated Positive is available on four. Earth is available at each end of the box. At present, users of the box are: