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TT30 Wiring by TravelTrucks

Wiring Conventions

All wiring by TravelTrucks is powered from the camper batteries, not from the starter battery. This includes "red" and "orange" wires (see below).

  • Black is 0 V, Earth.
  • Red is +12 V, always available.
  • Orange is +12 V, available with vehicle running.
  • Yellow co-axial is camera signal.
  • Grey pairs are speaker cables.
  • White is usually a spare.

Wiring photos

Body Builders' Connectors


Body Builders Connectors and other wires.

The Body Builders' sockets are behind and to the right of the glove box. See page accessing_power.html for more details.

The 20-way connector gives access to (amongst other things):

  • Pin 5: Parking Brake On (Earth=brake engaged; Open circuit=brake released). Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode)
  • Pin 6: Battery Positive. Output max 20 A, Fuse F34.
  • Pin 7: Exterior Light Active. Output max 500 mA. +12 V=side lights on; open circuit=lights off.
  • Pin 8: Alternator Operation. +12 V=battery charging; Open circuit=battery not charging. Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode).
  • Pin10: Reverse Engagement. +12 V=reverse engaged; Open circuit=reverse not engaged. Output max 500 mA (interface with uncoupling diode).
  • Pin11: Ignition-Operated Positive. Output max 5 A, Fuse F49.
  • Pin17: Earth. Output max 15 A.

As received, Pin 7 ("EL"), Pin10 ("REV") and Pin11 ("IGN") were in use.

The 12-way connector gives (amongst other things):

  • Pin 5: Key ON-repeat. An Input (max 500 mA). A positive signal supplied to simulate initial key rotation (key ON position). Only the loads are powered. +12 V=key active; Open circuit=key inactive.
  • Pin 7: Horn. Output max 150 mA. To drive additional horns via a relay. Earth=horn active; open circuit=horn not active.

As received, Pin 12 had green cable "HN" plugged into it. However this was a mistake. Cable "HN" is the horn signal input to the Cabin HPDPM which powers an optional auxiliary horn. It should have been plugged into Pin 7.

Vicinity of BB Connectors

At Body Builders Plug:

  • "TB" red, thick. Towbar power, not connected.
  • "SP" white, a spare.
  • "SP" white, a spare.
  • "SP" white, a spare.
  • "TB" orange. Towbar, not connected.

The three white cables labelled "SP" go to the floor duct behind the passenger's seat.

Behind the Radio/Player


Radio removed from centre console.

In the compartment for the console radio, there are yellow co-axial cables for video cameras, grey pairs marked LR and RR for rear speakers (these go to behind the camper touch screen. A green wire for Handbrake ON signal, a requirement for some displays. The radio power cables have been changed, to be supplied by the camper.

  • "LR", "RR" pairs, speakers.
  • Coax:
    • "LH" - side view camera
    • "TB" - towbar camera
    • "HL" - high rear view camera
    • "LH" - side view camera
  • "SP" white, a spare.
  • "HBR" green, handbrake on/off signal.
  • "REV" grey, reversing signal.

Behind the Class 1 Switch Panel


Class 1 Switch Panel removed from centre console.

Four wires, black, green, orange and red, all labelled "TB" are located behind the Class 1 Switch Panel. They are for a trailer brake.

Roof Console


Above cab light, in empty radio compartment.

  • "RIGN" orange, black, for devices powered when ignition is ON.

Passenger Side Door Pillar


Behind the passenger side speaker near door pillar.

  • "LH" - side view camera coax.
  • "LH" - side view camera power.

Floor Behind Passenger Seat

IMG_5553.JPG IMG_5550.JPG
  • "SP" - three white. Two of these go to the vicinity of the Body Builders Connectors.
  • "SP" - four white with knots. These go to the camper. Now labelled SP1..SP4 to camper.
  • "SP" - two grey wires.

Above Security Door in Camper

  • "HL" - red and black pair for door handle lighting, always on, not implemented nor (it seems) connected to power.

Behind Touchscreen in Camper

IMG_5554.JPG IMG_5546.JPG
  • "RR" and "LR" - grey pairs for optional speakers over the bed. These go to the cab behind the radio.
  • "SP" - four white. Now labelled SP1..SP4 to cab. These were a real struggle to find!

Rear Under Vehicle

  • "SP" grey. At the water tap. A spare.
  • "RPL" - short orange/black. - long orange/black.
  • "CAM", "TB" (coax) black/red - tow bar camera.
  • "TB" blue heavy
  • "Trailer Plug" cable, wired for 7-pin trailer socket. See here.

Several cables are for optional lighting, most of which were not taken up. The diagram shows these options.


Under the Bonnet

IMG_5674.JPG IMG_5675.JPG
  • "SL2R" orange. Under radiator on right. Switched on by SPOT LIGHT switch if high beam headlight is on.
  • "SL2L" orange. Under radiator on left. As for SL2R.
  • "SL3R" orange. Under radiator on right. Switched on by blank LIGHT switch if Ignition is ON.
  • "SL3L" orange. Under radiator on left. As for SL3R.
  • These cables have an Automotive 3-Way Socket - 250 Series (Jaycar PP2064) - fitted.

IMG_5676.JPG IMG_5677.JPG
  • "HN" orange. Under left headlight. For accessory Horn.
  • "SP" x 2 grey. Spares - where to??
  • "SL1L" orange. Nearby, switched on by SCRUB LIGHT switch if high beam headlight is on.
  • "SL1R" orange. Under right headlight as for SL1L.
  • The SL cables have an Automotive 2-Way Socket - 250 Series (Jaycar PP2062) - fitted.

IMG_5680.JPG IMG_5681.JPG
  • "WW" & "F5" green + red. On firewall.
    Power and signal for WaterWatch.
  • "EBL" red + black. On firewall for bonnet light.

Other Places

In right hand front well for the roof ram: black+red "RL" held behind the vent.

In left hand front overhead channel:orange+black "TL" (table light) loose in cover strip.


In right hand windshield pillar: red+black "RB+".


In left hand windshield pillar: red+black "RB+".


Rear left top: "BL" orange (bed light), "CAM", "HL" (coax) black/orange high level rear view camera.


Rear right top: "SL3R" black/orange for spot light?

Perimeter Lights: all the wiring for optional perimeter lights was in place:

  • bundled with the rear view camera wiring at the rear driver's side
  • in the chassis rail behind the auxiliary fuel tank
  • and hard to find, in the chassis rail behind the side steps.

Step Lights: the optional wiring for step lights (they come on when the cab doors are opened) was in place, in the chassis rails.

Driver's Seat

Iveco Brown/orange to Red/black is seat belt check.

Iveco Brown/green to Brown/green is seat heating.

"Step" wiring under passenger front door.

Orange/black. On driver's side too.