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230 V Wiring

Because of our decision to use an induction cooktop for meal preparation, I had to install 230 V wiring and an inverter capable of powering it. A design maximum continous power level of 2500 W (200 A @ 12.7 V) would allow one cooking area at full power, or two at reduced levels, using the de'Longhi DE302 1B Induction Cooktop. In fact, I designed for 300 A maximum load — this is still less than 85% of the 1C rating of the battery though it is more than the inverter can supply continuously.

Having 230 V available is necessary for other purposes such as running the high-performance fridge, so I included a number of power points, including one in the storage area.

The installation of the battery and inverter are described elsewhere.

The design schematic is as follows:

The component choices and installation were supervised by a qualified electrician and the completed job was issued with a Certificate of Compliance. Most of the wiring was located in the channels around the skirt of the pop-top and had to be enclosed in conduit. The power points and junction were built into mounting boxes inside the channels, sealed with silicone. The power point in the storage area (boot) was joined to the Safety Switch by cable enclosed in exterior grade rigid conduit screwed to the under floor of the camper using brass saddles.

Behind the driver's side channel: over the sink. Mounting Boxes are being bolted and sealed to the channel.

← Behind the cross-vehicle channel. The cables will be in rigid conduit. This is the junction box.

Behind the driver's side channel: over the cooktop.

The junction box in the cross-vehicle channel. One cable goes down the wall to come up in the space below the cooktop.

The junction box with a blank plate over it.

The installed power point over the cooktop.

The installed power point over the sink.

Wiring in the power point and isolation switch for the cooktop.

The tester shows all is good.

The circuit breaker/safety switch under the passenger-side seat. One cable goes around behind the inverter (on the right) for the point in the storage area. The other goes up next to the touch screen and up to the cross-vehicle channel.

A branch line to the storage area goes through the floor near the water inlet pipe.

Under the floor: the cable to the storage area is in heavy-duty conduit.

The conduit goes up through the floor next to the toilet cassette door.

The mounting box for the storage area power point is above the toilet cassette door.

AC wiring to the Victron Inverter. The E-N bond is the visible link. The case is grounded to an Iveco-approved ground bolt on the chassis. The blue Cat 5 ethernet cable goes to the Victron Inverter Control Panel.