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The Fiat Ducato

Late Mark 2 Version

The base vehicle is a 244 series Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Maxi 35 (3.5 tonne), one of the last of the 2nd Generation (ie pre-June 2006 production). See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Ducato. Indeed, its compliance plate says Australian manufacture was July 2006. And the motorhome conversion was registered as design compliant in September 2006.

The 2.8 L JTD engine is an 8140-43S Iveco/Sofim common rail diesel with turbo boost and it conforms to Euro 3 emission standards. (The post-June 2006, 3rd Generation model, conforms to Euro 4 standards.)

Specification of Ducato 2.8 JTD maxi

Ducato Handbooks

The Owner's Manual (4.1 MB) and Radio/CD User's Manual (7.5 MB) are here as PDF files (Remove ".sav" extension). Beware the size of these downloads.

Ducato Facts

  • Dimensions: Width is 1.98 m + side mirrors → 2.30 m; Height with air conditioner is 2.69 m; Length with lights, brackets, is 5.80 m.
  • Tyres: The tyres fitted are 215/75R16C. I am using inflation pressures of 60 psi front, 65 psi rear.
  • Spare Tyre: The spare tyre is located under the rear of the vehicle. External access only.
  • Wiper Blades Blades are cut from 600 mm refills. SCA SRM-6, a multi- edge narrow refill for 6.5 mm blade holders, work well.
  • Vehicle Tools: The tool kit is located under the bed in the house battery compartment area (kerb side).
  • Seating configuration: Grey leather swivel seats each with inner armrest for two in the driving cab. The passenger side airbag can be disabled to allow a child- or baby seat to be fitted. Also, a double grey leather seat behind the driver complete with seat belts for two.
  • Radio/Stereo: Radio / CD player, speakers in driving cab. Plays MP3 CDs. Can be set to stay on for 20 min after vehicle ignition is turned off.
  • Fuel: Diesel, 80 litre tank.
  • Fuel consumption: Approximately 10.0 km/litre (10.0 litre/100 km).
  • Speedometer: Indicates 8% high (so indicated 100 km/hr is 92 km/hr).
  • Air Conditioning: Standard Fiat air conditioning when driving.
  • Paint: Bianco Banchisa. Code 249/F [Patrick White (!)]
  • Parts:Try Eurowagens for replacement parts MUCH cheaper than here.
Electrical Load

The electrical load on the starter battery when ignition is off has been measured as 13.5 mA. A LED security alarm adds only a fraction of a mA.


The Applause was weighed on 18 April 2008 at a public weighbridge. It was fully laden with a full tank of fuel less 18 kg, full water tank, driver and passenger, all supplies for a week, boat on the side, outboard motor and dolly wheels on the back, two bikes on the back:

  • Front Axle:     1680 kg    Plate rating: 1850 kg
  • Rear Axle:      1740 kg    Plate rating: 2120 kg
  • Total Weight: 3420 kg    Plate rating: 3500 kg.
  • Compliance Plate GVM: 3510 kg.

Further Information

There are several pages detailing the Ducato vehicle/A'van Applause 500 and some modifications I have made to it. Use the site map to navigate these.


Fiat Ducato

A'van Ducato photo

The Ducato as Applause motorhome

The Applause from Above

View of our Fiat Ducato Applause 500 from above

Inspecting the mechanicals

Getting to know the Fiat