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Our A'van Applause 500

Ours is a 2006 model-year Applause 500. The layout and specification have changed year by year. We will refer to ours as simply the "Applause 500" or "A'van" from now on.

Applause 500 Layout

The house layout is compact but very accessible for each of the main functions.

Layout of Applause



Layout showing child's bed made up.

Specification for our Applause 500

The specification as supplied is given in the following Table, along with some extra detail for most items.

Specification of our
            Applause 500 (67 kB)

As purchased, the A'van also came with

  • 2 x BP 80 W solar panels and SBC-7120 controller
  • tow bar and wiring
  • reversing sensors and LED display
  • flyscreen and fitting for sliding door

Now, it has additionally

  • diesel fired blown air heating in main compartment and in shower room
  • filtered water from a separate faucet
  • shelving and lighting in all overhead cupboards
  • LED lighting throughout
  • lithium ferrous phosphate 100 Ah battery replacing the AGM battery
  • 2 x 300 W inverters, and a 1500 W pure sine wave inverter that supplies the front and outside 230 V power points
  • provision for carrying a foldup boat, outboard motor and dolly
  • provision carrying two push bikes
  • hanging facilities for clothes in the shower room, which also has a mirror and night light
  • flyscreens for the cabin door windows


While A'van have built a very good motorhome, it was not as well fitted out as we would have liked:

  • Inadequate fresh water storage
  • Poorly fitted out shower/toilet room
  • Lack of heating when away from mains electricity
  • Dingy cupboards with no shelves.

And there were a few serious design flaws that required correction:

  • The fridge cooling air was drawn in from under the van and vented into the house instead of outside, bringing road dust inside
  • The water pump plumbing was poorly laid out resulting in excessive noise
  • The Philips Home Theatre System was a poor choice and was installed with the loop antenna for AM reception against the side of the van — hence no AM radio reception
  • The roof-top air conditioner blows the air to the front (the cab) rather than the back (the house) of the vehicle, where it is needed.

There are about 46 "pages", 20 documents and 760 images detailing the motorhome "house" and some modifications I have made to it to correct most of these issues and to enhance the Applause. Use the site map to navigate these.


Applause 500

                 layout (mini-35 kB)

                 layout (mini-35 kB)

Another view of the Applause layout


The child's bed made up, using a self-inflating mattress and pillows. He finds it comfortable.


What's on the roof of the Applause

Front seats swivelled; hot water service, diesel heater, switches in easy reach when in bed.

Sink and stove, bed across.

New light and tools on rear wall.


Provision for hanging clothes in the shower/toilet compartment.