Equipment for Measuring Particles in the Air

Prices current as of December 2012

  • MicroScience MS 2 47 mm qualitative filter paper. 100 for $6.38
    Several suppliers including Micro-Analytix P/L.
  • Advantec PP47 47 mm polypropylene in-line aerosol filter holder. $102.30
    Several suppliers including Micro-Analytix P/L.
  • filter_paper.jpg pp47_holder.png
  • Toyo ML2500 gas meter, maximum flow rate of 3.0 m³/h from Dadong Dongfa Group.
    This meter has a usefully low minimum flow rate of 0.016 m³/h. Their G2.5 model is also suitable. It has a maximum flow rate of 4 m³/h and a minimum of 0.025 m³/h. The G2.5 is also available from AliExpress for approx. $100.00 delivered.
  • ml2500.jpg
  • Approx. 2 m of 6 mm dia. plastic tubing. ( Clark Rubber is one supplier.)
  • 12 V fishtank pump. The pump is used to suck air through the filter holder, not blow air, so it needs to have a discrete inlet and this is rather rare. It also must have a specified flow rate of at least 2–3 L/minute.
    This one from an aquarium wholesaler, by RESUN for $38, may do the job. If necessary, the pump can be placed in a metal cannister with inlet and outlet tubes attached, but sealing the cannister properly may be a task!
    A range of 12 V and 230 V pumps is available from The Aquarium Shop and one of these may be suitable. Experience says that you really have to check carefully because the specifications (if available) change rapidly.
  • A 12 V 20 Ah sealed lead acid battery. It is sized to allow the pump to run for 24 hours. You may need larger. This one from Batteries Direct for $75 and several other suppliers would do.
  • 12V20Ah.jpg
  • A trickle charger will also be necessary. Jaycar supplies some that are suitable, such as this 1.8 A charger for $30.
  • If you are going to sample for short periods then to obtain sufficient sample you will need high flow rates. You will need a much more powerful suction pump, such as this 12 V wet and dry vacuum cleaner for $35. A sealed 12 V car battery and suitable charger will be needed to run it.
    Any of the cheap 230 V vacuum cleaners that has a hose air intake will do too. Keeping the flow rate low enough to not destroy the gas meter is vital. Adaptors to join the vacuum cleaner to the 6 mm dia. tubing will be needed.
  • Grey Scale calibration sheet (if you need a sheet, send email) and Table of Results.
  • Snap-lock envelopes, tweezers, labels.