Reference information:

Paper: AirWatch — The CSIRO Kit
Peter Manins, Margot Finn and Jennifer Anderton
13th International Clean Air & Environment Conference CASANZ, Adelaide, Australia 22–25 September 1996 pp61–65

Paper: AirWatch: Does it Measure Particles or What?
P.C. Manins, Air Quality and Climate Change vol 46 no. 4 November 2012 pp17–21



Airwatch - the CSIRO kit
by PC Manins, ML Finn and J Anderton
Particle Sampling
Equipment for particle sampling
Sampling for Nitrogen Dioxide
Equipment for nitrogen dioxide sampling
Nitrogen dioxide analysis methods

Measuring Visual Air Quality

Measuring winds aloft
Running a weather station
Wind trajectory analyses
Odour as a source indicator
Material Safety Data
Phosphoric acid
Sodium hydroxide
Sodium iodide

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